Arctic Fox Hair Products

October 02, 2018

With so many horror stories about the harmful effects of hair colouring products causing Cancer, many people are turning to organic products as a safer alternative. But finding an organic hair product that works for you and your hair is not always a walk in a park. This is especially true if you’re looking for a hair colouring product that contains no drying alcohols, PPD’s and harsh chemicals. Chemicals such as Ammonia peroxide is known to cause severe hair damage and Lead acetate, which is also found in permanent hair dyes, has been linked to fertility issues in men and women.

Selecting a semi-permanent and organic hair product for your hair is the most ideal choice to have healthy hair. It will not stain the sink, have you worrying about any adverse health effects and it diminishes after a few washes of your hair.  Natural semi-permanent hair colouring products do not forcefully penetrate the inner shaft of the hair to break down the natural hair colour molecules and replace them with synthetic colour molecules.

Arctic Fox Hair Colour products is one of the best products that fades over time within the original colour spectrum of your hair. This means that the colour of your hair will remain vibrant for longer. And this guarantee means that the product is not only for DIY projects at home but also for professional hair salons individuals but also recommended for use at salons. When buying, choose a colour that is a shade lighter or darker than your natural hair or a colour that matches your eyes. If you’re colouring your own hair, remember to be extra cautious.

Conduct a patch and strand test to see if the colour is suitable, that the dye remains on the strand of hair and that there is no allergic reaction. And before you start on the rest of your hair, make sure you’re in a space that has enough light and has enough air circulating to avoid irritation to the eyes. With the right brand on your side, there should be no problem with colouring your hair and no worries about having dry and brittle hair as a result of doing so.

  • Arctic Fox was founded by model and animal lover Kristen Leanne, Arctic Cox is one of the fastest growing hair colour lines in the world. 
  • With her passion for hair colour and self-expression, she set out to create the best semi-permanent hair colours available today. 
  • Arctic Fox contains no drying alcohol’s, PPD’s, or harsh chemicals, its even safe for children’s hair and vegan friendly. 
  • Arctic Fox is formulated to be highly pigmented, bleed less, and won’t stain your sink.
  • Arctic Fox fades in the same colour spectrum, so as the colour fades, the shades will continue to be the gorgeous tones. 
  • This also means you can also create pastels tones using the Arctic Fox diluter.
  • Arctic Fox is 100% cruelty free andvegan friendly, long lasting semi-permanent colour with vibrant results. 
  • Love is in the hair.