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Arctic Fox Hair Colour

Something different, every day.


Have you always wanted to take the leap and dye your hair? Perhaps you’re sick and tired of using mediocre hair dye that doesn’t live up to its supposed colour?

Introducing the beauty of Arctic Fox, home to one of the most long-lasting hair dyes on the market

Hair Dye Without The Damage

Arguably the industry’s most popular hair dye bran d, Arctic Fox provides high-quality hair care and colouring products that last – and leave your locks looking professionally coloured and fresh out of the salon.

The best part? Apart from its highly pigmented nature, each Arctic Fox hair dye contains added conditioners to moisturize and nourish your hair as you colour. Now that’s incredible hair dye, without the damage!

Get Creative with Colour

Did you know that the arctic fox has the ability to change the colour of it’s coat with each season?

We can only guess where the Arctic Fox name takes its inspiration from! There’s nothing more that Arctic Fox wants than to give you the freedom to express yourself by colouring your hair as you please, with the least amount of damage.

Treat your hair how it deserves with Arctic Fox – and dare to be different with beautifully coloured, vibrant hair or pastel hair that suits your individual style.

Never compromise on variety when it comes to Arctic Fox – with semi-permanent hair dye in every colour of the rainbow, you can explore countless different hair colours without holding back.

Go Bright!

Run wild with the bright colours you’ve always dreamt of dying your hair!

With the highly researched formula behind Arctic Fox, their hair dye comes highly pigmented and even bleeds less. To achieve and maintain the best hair colouring results with Arctic Fox, you can follow our list of handy tips whether you are DIY-ing or at the salon.

Go Pastel!

As all Arctic Fox hair dye fades within its own spectrum, your hair stays looking lush and professionally coloured for weeks to come. A great way to take advantage of this is to create pastel tones and lighter shades using Arctic Mist, Arctic Fox’s official diluter.

No Harsh Chemicals, Vegan & Cruelty-Free

Did we mention that Arctic Fox hair dye is vegan and cruelty-free?

Rest assured knowing that Arctic Fox’s hair dye is both ethically made and free of harmful chemicals – meaning no drying alcohols, ethyl alcohol, peroxide, ammonia or PPDs.

On top of producing ethically made hair care products, Arctic Fox also contributes 15% of it’s profits to animal cruelty prevention.

Official Arctic Fox Stockist – Buy Online

Make Ethan Thomas Collection your go-to stockist in Australia for the official Arctic Fox range. Simply shop online, as we make it both easy and convenient for you to access all your favourite Arctic Fox hair dye products.

With our Arctic Fox hair care and colouring products right at your fingertips, we let you take care of your hair’s health while you have fun experimenting away!