Milkshake Energising Scalp Treatment 30ml-Ethan Thomas Collection
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Milkshake Energising Scalp Treatment 30ml

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Are you starting to notice some thinning? Maybe the hair around your temples isn't as full as it used to be, or the hair at the crown of your head isn't as lush.

You need to add a hair thickening scalp treatment to your shampoo and conditioning routine. When you're done shampooing and conditioning, massage our Milkshake's energizing scalp treatment using circular movements.

As you massage, you'll encourage circulation to your scalp. Then leave the lotion on your scalp and style your hair. Use the scalp treatment twice a week for the best results.

Beneficial ingredients include:

- Organic rosemary

- Organic sage extract

- Natural camphor

- Arnica extract

- Fioravanti balm

- Hydrolyzed rice proteins

Over time you will see new hair growth and your hair will become thicker with more luster. Hair that was once fragile will become stronger.

Use our Milkshake scalp treatment with the energizing shampoo and conditioner to breathe new life back into your hair.

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