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Winter is Coming: 5 Tips to Protect Your Hair From Damage

Winter is Coming: 5 Tips to Protect Your Hair From Damage

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Winter is Coming: 5 Tips to Protect Your Hair From Damage

Winter is coming.

It's not just the words of House Stark: it's the forecast. And that's bad news for hair.

Winter brings drier air, less sun, colder temperatures, and tooks. And all of that can leave your hair in rough shape.

But you don't need to settle for ratty, winter hair. Here are some ways you can keep your hair healthy and beautiful through the winter months.


Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise

The biggest danger facing winter hair is dryness. When your hair gets dry, it gets brittle and breaks.

So priority number one is keeping your hair moisturised.

There are a number of treatments you can use to keep your hair properly hydrated. Using a leave-in-conditioner will keep your hair silky and smooth—and even cut down on static electricity.

You can also treat your scalp with hair oil, which will keep moisture locked in. A weekly hair mask is another good option.


Shampoo Less Often

During the drier winter months, your scalp can feel extra itchy and flaky. You might spend all day wishing for a chance to get home so you can lather up with some shampoo to ease the irritation.

But that might make the problem even worse.

Your hair's oils help to lock in moisture and keep your hair and scalp healthy. Shampoo strips your hair of those oils, which only makes the dryness and flakiness worse.

Shampoo less frequently. Use conditioner on your off days to keep from getting too ratty. 


Turn Down the Heat

In the cold of winter, we want all the heat we can get. You might find yourself taking extra long, extra hot showers to warm your bones. 

And as nice as that might feel, it's a bad idea for your hair. 

In the winter, your hair and scalp are extra sensitive. When you use hot water, it can dry out your hair and damage the skin of your scalp.

Similarly, using heat-based styling tools like curling irons and straighteners can sap moisture from your follicles, leaving them—you guessed it—dry and brittle.


Dry Your Hair Before You Go Out

If you're constantly rushing to get out the door in the morning, you might be doing your hair a great disservice. 

Going out in the cold with wet hair can lead to breakage and split ends.


Ditch the Took, Take the Scarf

Even though the notion that we lose half of our body heat through our heads is a myth, no one likes a cold noggin.

A knit cap might be warm, but it's bad for your hair. Your cap traps sweat against your scalp, exacerbating flakes and dryness. 

Instead, loosely wrap your head with a warm scarf. Silk is the best choice, since it can help protect against split ends.


Don't Admit Defeat to Winter Hair

Just because the weather is less than ideal doesn't mean your winter hair needs to be. Following these tips, you can keep your hair looking bonzer through the dry, cold months.

If you're looking for even more protection for dry hair, check out these products!

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