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The 12 Effects of Using Milkshake Hair Care Incredible Milk

The 12 Effects of Using Milkshake Hair Care Incredible Milk

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Milk_Shake hair care is well known for its ability to transform damaged hair into gleaming, shiny locks, and their Incredible Milk product is no different. Having become one of the industries most sought after leave-in treatments, this spray-on remedy tackles the 12 main issues of hair care at once, resulting in strong and healthy locks. Using intensive moisturizing techniques it repairs damaged cuticles and protects from UV and heat damage, resulting in impressive growth and soft, voluminous hair.


Milk_Shake loves your hair

It's no coincidence that Milk_Shake hair care has grown to become one of the most popular brands of hair products in Australia today. By using nutritious milk proteins and wholesome fruit extracts, these natural hair products work to give your hair a lustrous make-over and bring out all the organic shine and sleekness that is hiding underneath those damaged cuticles and frizz. Milk_Shake shampoo, conditioner, and treatments have an effective formula that combines these natural materials with the latest modern techniques that allow you to treat your hair at home with professional quality products. 


Milk _Shake's Incredible Milk

Incredible Milk is the Milk_Shake hair care treatment specifically designed to intensively nourish hair, leaving it strong, sleek, and impressively shiny. It’s incredibly simple to use, just spray onto towel-dried hair and distribute evenly before proceeding with styling, working best when applied alongside the best shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. By using organic ingredients, including murumuru butter which is full of soothing fatty acids and Vitamin A for its ability to repair and strengthen, this natural hair product increases the health of your hair, making it stronger and less prone to damage. With a miracle formula suitable for every single hair type, it has 12 transforming effects that work to create beautiful, healthy hair.


The 12 amazing effects

1. Repairs ALL hair types

Whether you have flat or wild locks Incredible Milk will transform it into healthy, shiny tresses.

2. Frizz Control

Transforms fuzz and messy kinks into smooth curls.

3. Prevents split ends

Heals damaged hair by stopping split ends, allowing it to grow longer and stronger.

4. Heat protection

Adds a layer of protection between your hair and styling tools, sealing in moisture.

5. Long lasting hairstyle

This leave-in tonic strengthens hair, keeping it in place for longer.

6. Incredibly detangling

By adding tons of moisture, it prevents dryness and avoids those difficult tangles.

7. Magnificent shine

Creates healthy hair that looks glossy and smooth, and feels soft.

8. Adds Body & Volume

Gives even the flattest hair an incredible boost of body by lifting those roots.

9. Easier Ironing

Increased smoothness means reduced straightening time, with no flyaway strands.

10. Protects and maintains colour

By repairing and rehydrating hair it keeps colour vivid and bright for longer.

11. Protects from UV rays

The intense conditioning protects hair from UV damage and prevents dryness.

12. Smoothes the cuticle

The rich fatty acids nourish the hair, sealing of cuticles and smoothing each strand.


Milk_Shake hair products in Australia 

There’s no doubt that Incredible Milk is the genuine article. By specifically tackling each of the 12 effects that can lead to damaged, unhealthy looking hair, it can transform even the most dry and brittle strands into gleaming, smooth tresses. As well as producing this stand-out hair treatment, Milk_Shake have the best shampoo in Australia and an unbelievable conditioner. For more information on Milk_Shake hair products in Australia from contact us at Ethan Thomas Collection here.

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