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Fanola No Yellow Shampoo: Is It Worth the Hype?

Fanola No Yellow Shampoo: Is It Worth the Hype?

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Myths notwithstanding, blondes are some of the smartest women around. In fact, the mean IQ for natural blondes is almost one point higher than for women of other hair colours!

IQ aside, many women with other hair colours dye their hair blonde so they too can have more fun. 

And one thing no blonde likes: when the dye job turns yellow or brassy. What's a blonde to do? Use Fanola No Yellow Shampoo. 

Are you thinking about trying it? Is it worth the hype?

Read on to find out. 


What Is Fanola No Yellow Shampoo?

Fanola No Yellow shampoo keeps your blonde tresses from turning brassy or yellow. If you're blonde, you know it's a battle keeping the brassy colour out of your hair. 

If you dye your hair blonde, the battle is harder. Getting your hair coloured is time-consuming and expensive. The longer you go between colouring, the better it is for your hair. 


How Does It Work?

Pour a little shampoo in your hand and don't be shocked by the brilliant purple colour. Purple is opposite yellow and orange on the colour wheel. The purple in the shampoo counteracts these colours for a less brassy blonde. 

This violet, thick shampoo is like a toner. It's depositing violet pigments into the hair. The more roughed-up the cuticle is, the more likely the hair is to absorb the pigments. 

Thick, coarse, healthy hair won't take the pigments as well.


Mindful Shampoo Use

Be mindful of how you're using the purple Fanola No Yellow shampoo. Don't use it on a daily basis. Use it once a week or even once every other week. 

Leave the shampoo on your hair from 1-5 minutes. 

If your hair is highlighted and turning brassy, this shampoo works great. If you're a natural grey and your hair is turning muddy, you'll love this shampoo. 

Read the directions on the back of the label. If you leave this shampoo in too long, your highlighted hair could get lavender streaks. Never leave it on your hair for more than 5 minutes. 


Brunettes, Too! 

Some brunettes appreciate Fanola No Yellow shampoo, too. Dark hair is also prone to brassiness. So go ahead and use the shampoo to tone down the warm colours in your hair. 


It's Not a Moisturizing Shampoo

Used according to the directions, Fanola No Yellow shampoo won't dry your hair out. But it's not a moisturizer. If your hair is dry and damaged, use a moisturizing mask once a week.

Always remember to rinse your hair with cold water after rinsing the shampoo out. This closes up the cuticles in your hair and that helps the colour stay longer. It also gives you smoother hair. 


Lose the Brass!

Blondes know it's no fun when the beautiful platinum colour turns brassy and yellow. Give Fanola No Yellow shampoo a chance to tone down that brass. This shampoo is worth the hype. 

Follow the directions and don't leave it on too long. Only use it once a week. And don't forget moisturizing shampoo a few times a week if your hair is dry. 

Get your bottle of Fanola No Yellow shampoo here.


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