Weekly Teeth Whitening Powder 40g-Ethan Thomas Collection
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Weekly Teeth Whitening Powder 40g

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Whiten your teeth weekly, not daily. 

Use Ethan Thomas Teeth Whitening Powder once or twice a week to maintain that hygienist super-clean super-bright feeling in between dental visits. Ethan Thomas Weekly Teeth-Brighten Powder removes the build up of staining and plaque from the surface of your teeth with a 2-4 minute brushing regime. 40g can last you up to 6 months! Non abrasive and does not strip enamel from the teeth. Bleach & peroxide free.

 Stain Remover 
Our products remove stains caused by excessive smoking, coffee, tea & other overindulgences.

Gentle on teeth

Our products are non-toxic and do not use peroxide to clean the teeth so are safer to use than other products.

Ultra hygienic

Teeth lickingly good clean and stain removal that feels like you’ve just had a visit to your dental hygienist!


calcium carbonate, sodium dodecyl Sulfur, strontium chloride hexahydrate, camellia sinesis leaf extract, glycerine, green tea extract, pepermint, saccharin, pentasodium triphosphate.




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