Nak Ultimate Potion Styling Treatment 150ml-Ethan Thomas Collection
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Nak Ultimate Potion Styling Treatment 150ml

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Does your hair need a little more moisture and strength? Our NAK Styling Treatment is here to the rescue. This leave-in repair product will improve the quality of your hair while reviving it to its old glory.

Our styling treatment has a light hold and provides both thermal and UV protection. This is made for all hair types and can refresh hair between cleanings.

You’ll love NAK Styling Treatment:

• Gives you the boost in moisture and strength you're looking for

• Made for all hair types, so use this with confidence

• Only has a light hold, ensuring your hair feels great and natural

• Leave it in and go about your day, let the product work its wonders

When your hair needs a little boost, you'll find our Styling Treatment product is exactly what you need. It's so easy to use and you'll find it will have a dramatic effect on your hair. Give this a try and you'll see how much better your hair can be.


    • May also be used to refresh hair in-between cleansing.
    • Used to be called Nak Sea Potion Leave-in Treatment 150ml
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