NAK Structure Complex Shampoo 375ml-Ethan Thomas Collection
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NAK Structure Complex Shampoo 375ml

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When you need to rescue your hair when it's been too processed, chemically treated, or if it's simply far too dry, then you'll love our NAK Structure Complex Shampoo. This goes deep into each shaft and delivers a strong dose of plant proteins, sea minerals, and all the nutrients you need to return that shiny hair you miss. Just apply to towel-dried hair, leave it in for 3-5 minutes, and rinse.

Structure Complex Shampoo is:

• Perfect for chemically treated hair that needs a healthy boost

• Great for repairing hair to improve shine and softness

• Easy to use, just apply to your hair and rinse out after several minutes

• Made with plant protein and nutritious sea minerals

Our Structure Complex Shampoo is the perfect Shampoo if your hair has seen better days and needs a boost. It gives you all the nutrients you need and in only a few minutes. Try this, and you'll see your hair in its best shape yet.

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