NAK Platinum Blonde Treatment 150ml-Ethan Thomas Collection
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NAK Platinum Blonde Treatment 150ml

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Do you love the look of your blonde hair but wish you could temper the yellow tones? NAK Blonde Treatment is what you've been looking for.

This blonde treatment:

• Comes in a convenient 150ml bottle

• Has a tone factor of 6/10

• Contains rich conditioners

• Does its job in only 60 seconds

• Blue and violet pigments

The NAK blonde treatment is meant to detangle unruly hair. It tones your strands as it is working, providing you with blonde hair that doesn't look too overly yellow. Cool down the colour of your hair with this easy-to-use treatment.

Your hair can be beautiful again. Whether you are starting with blonde hair or grey, you are going to wish you'd found this treatment sooner.

Place your order for NAK, blonde treatment today at We will ship your hair treatment quick so you can achieve a beach-ready mane and fall back in love with your hair. We think you deserve it.

How to use
Apply to clean wet hair, massage from roots to ends. Leave in for 60 seconds, rinse thoroughly. Use as desired.

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