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Nak Outakontrol Matte Clay 90g

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When you're looking for a strong hold, whether it's for wild and untamed hair or to add structure to conventional styles, you'll love our NAK Outakontrol Matte Clay. With a hold factor of 8/10, you can't find much stronger than this.

The Outakontrol Matte Clay It's perfect for all hair types and can hold even twists and anything else you can think of. Use on short to medium hair. Apply to damp hair or add to dry hair for an even stronger finish.

You’ll love these features about the NAK Outakontrol Matte Clay:

• Has a powerful 8/10 hold factor, perfect for wild styles

• Apply either wet or dry, depending on how strong you want it

• Designed to work with all hair types

• A smooth, matte finish

Those wanting to explore wild and crazy styles will find this matte clay is going to give you the hold you need to keep your hair in place. It’s also very easy to apply. Give it a try and see how strong it is.

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