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Nak In Shape Shaping Paste

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Many people love that lived-in look as it has a dishevelled edge that makes you look rough but approachable all at the same time. Our NAK In Shape Shaping Paste has a medium hold that will work with every hair type while giving you the shine and texture you're looking for.

The hold factor is 6/10 and you just need to work into clean, dry hair for a strong hold, or damp hair for a slightly weaker hold.

The NAK In Shape Shaping Paste:

• Has a medium hold factor of 6/10

• Simple to apply, work into either dry or damp hair

• Works all day and gives you that lived-in look

• Great for all hair types

Get that crazy style you're looking for in a matter of minutes. Our shaping paste will make your styling routine super simple. Just work the paste into your hair, get it where you want, and you're ready to move on with your day.
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