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NAK Colour Care Conditioner 500ml

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You'll love our Nak Colour Care Conditioner when you're looking for a gentle conditioner that can be used on colour-treated hair. Made with a precise blend of herbs, wheat proteins, and botanicals. This will give you optimal moisture to your scalp and hair. 

The conditioner forms a rich lather and gives your hair the proteins it needs to repair and rejuvenate. As you can expect, it also protects against the colours fading.

The Nak Colour Care Conditioner benefits:

• Made from gentle, natural ingredients to help keep your hair healthy

• Perfect for protecting colours and ensuring your hair isn't stripped

• Has a rich lather while infusing your hair with the proteins it needs

• Easy to use, just like any other conditioner

If you have colour treated hair and want to keep the colour, then you'll love our Colour Care conditioner. It ensures you get the moisture you need without being too strenuous on your hair.

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