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Nak Close Shave Cream 150ml

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There's nothing better than a close shave except for when your skin feels irritation from it.

If you want to soften your skin while ensuring you get that close shave, then our NAK Close Shave Cream is exactly what you need. Not only will your skin feel soft and refreshed, but our shave cream prevents cuts, abrasions, and rashes often caused by shaving thanks to the lubricating emollients of vitamin E and coconut oil.

The Close Shave Cream:

• Softens skin and prepares it for that close shave

• Prevents abrasions, bumps, and rashes from shaving

• Makes your skin feel super smooth, which is exactly what you're looking for

• Is simple to massage into moist skin for ultimate hydration

Our Close Shave Cream will become your new best friend when it comes time to shave. Not only can you get a little closer but you'll find that your face feels better and smoother. Give it a try and say goodbye to irritation.

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