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Nak Beard Elixir 30ml

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Whether you're looking to tame that beard hair or soothe the skin underneath, you'll find our NAK Beard Elixir 30ML is exactly what you need. This potent concoction of oils has all the masculine scents you want while also keep your skin moist.

The oil smells of sandalwood, peppermint, and cedar bark. Just add a few drops to your palm and massage through your beard. Use as part of your daily routine or just use as needed.

The Beard Elixir 30ml:

• Combines the signature masculine scents of sandalwood, peppermint, and cedar bark

• Soothes your skin while making your facial hair more manageable

• Just a few drops for all day protection

• Great for rough or dry beard hair

Even the best beards can get itchy.

Our Beard Elixir will keep your skin feeling soft and smooth to prevent flakes, itching, and irritation. It's hard to say if you'll love the soothing sensation or the smell more.

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