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Milkshake Volume Conditioner 300ml

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Is your hair fine and limp? Do you dream of full, voluminous hair? Our patented Milkshake Volume Conditioner uses natural ingredients to add thickness and volume to your hair. This weightless formula banishes flyaways, increases thickness and provides volume for fine or normal hair.

This formula uses natural ingredients to create a full, luxuriant head of hair. The innovative formula is free of parabens that weigh your hair down. Instead, its ingredients include:

- Sugar cane derivatives to restore the ecosystem on your scalp to improve hair health.

- Milk proteins to strengthen your hair.

- 41 to provide antioxidant protection.

- Quinoa and rice proteins to protect against color fading and improve shine

- UV filters to block out the sun's damaging rays

- Organic fruit extracts, including goji berry, papaya, and strawberry to tone and condition your hair

If you are looking for weightless volume for your normal or fine hair, look no further than our Milkshake Volume Conditioner . Order some today and experience beautiful, healthy, voluminous hair.

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