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Milkshake moisture plus conditioner 1000ml

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Our Milkshake Moisture Plus Conditioner 250ml is the ideal product for dry hair, giving it back that softness you've missed while maintaining an optimal moisture balance. Infused with nature's best, our conditioner has papaya oil, hyaluronic acid, milk proteins, quinoa proteins and more for the greatest combination of benefits. The Integrity 41 blend has anti-ageing properties and will even protect hair colour.

Our Moisture Plus Conditioner is:

- Uses nature's best ingredients

- Has the Integrity 41 blend for optimal moisture

- Ideal for dry hair, giving you super soft hair

- Smells amazing

- Simple to use, but gives you ample moisture no matter how dry your hair is

When you need more moisture, our Milkshake Moisture Plus Conditioner 250ml is here to rescue you. Just distribute over clean, damp hair and then rinse after a few minutes. It's simple to use. Be sure to proceed with our Moisture Plus Whipped Cream for even more moisture.

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