Milkshake Smoothing Cream 150ml-Ethan Thomas Collection
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Milkshake Smoothing Cream 150ml

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Do you have coarse hair that is difficult to style? Do you dream of soft, smooth hair that is manageable? Would you like a hair product that moisturizes, protects, and offers flexible hold without weighing your hair down? Our Milkshake Smoothing Cream creates the perfect amount of shine thanks to its natural ingredients and antioxidants. Our formula includes:

- Milk proteins add strength to your hair

- Vitamin C counteracts the effects of toxins in water and styling products

- Lychee extract detoxifies your hair, improves blood flow to the scalp and offers UV protection

- Silk proteins smooth and soothe dry and damaged hair to create a beautiful mane of hair

Are you looking for a formula that smooths your hair's cuticle and counteracts frizz? Our natural formula contains healthy ingredients that provide flexible hold without weighing down your hair. It moisturizes and conditions hair from the inside out and is perfect for medium to coarse hair. Purchase our Milkshake Smoothing Cream for amazingly soft and smooth hair.

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