NAK ULTIMATE TREATMENT 1000ML - Ethan Thomas Collection
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Everyone loves hair masks for how deeply they penetrate hair follicles. Yet, it often takes forever, and you'll be sitting there freezing in the shower after turning the water off. That’s a real problem.

Our NAK Ultimate Treatment gives you all the major hair mask benefits but it only takes 60 seconds for ultimate moisture. Free of sulphates and parabens, it also smooths and rebuilds hair while improving tensile strength. This all comes from the argan oil, silk amino acids, and keratin.

Why you’ll love NAK Ultimate Treatment:

• Only requires 60 seconds to fully penetrate and moisturise your hair

• Use every third or fourth wash for the smoothest, shiniest hair ever

• Free of dangerous ingredients, has all the major benefits of argan oil

• Improves the tensile strength of your hair so it doesn't split or break

When you want to vastly improve your hair without freezing in the shower, our Ultimate Treatment is exactly what you need. In one minute, you'll notice a massive transformation in your hair quality. Give it a try and see why this is our strongest product.

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