Milkshake Active Yogurt Mask 150ml-Ethan Thomas Collection
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Milkshake Active Yogurt Mask 150ml

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Do you dream of a formula for your dry hair that replenishes moisture, heals damaged hair, and conditions naturally? Harness the regenerative power of milk protein in our Milkshake Active Yogurt Mask. This mask is specially formulated to moisturise your hair from the inside out. Its patented Integrity 41 blend soothes your hair, balances moisture and provides antioxidant protection.

The nourishing ingredients in this rich conditioning mask include:

- Yogurt

- Avocado Oil

- Rice Oil

- Honey

- Vitamin E

- Fruit Extracts

The amino acids in yogurt add body to your hair and bind with your hair to improve structure and strength. The rice and avocado oils along with vitamin E conditions along the entire hair shaft. Milkshake's Integrity 41 blend penetrates the hair to create naturally soft and shiny hair. The formula is perfect for colour treated hair and dry and damaged hair. Purchase our Milkshake Active Yogurt Mask today and begin healing your hair from the inside out.

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