Olaplex No4 & No5 Duo Pack-Ethan Thomas Collection
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Olaplex No4 & No5 Duo Pack

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Be honest: how dried out and brittle is your hair? If you regularly bleach or heat style, your hair could use some help. Our Olaplex No4 and No5 Duo Pack not only cleans and conditions but also repairs your hair.

Olaplex uses science and chemistry to rebuild the bonds within your hair. When these bonds are repaired, your hair's internal strength and moisture return. Strong and hydrated hair is shiny and manageable.

No matter what your hair type, this shampoo, and conditioner combo pack will work with your hair. They have zero parabens or sulfates and is colour safe.

Olaplex ingredients include:

- Patented bis

- Glycerin

- Phytenso

- Avocado Oil

- Grape Seed Oil

Start with our No. 4 shampoo; you don't need a lot. The foaming action is luxurious. Then rinse and condition with the No. 5 conditioner. Use both to repair your hair over time and have long term protection.

Buy our Olaplex duo pack today and start repairing your hair from the inside out.

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