Nak Colour Masque Rosewood Conditioner (265ml)-Ethan Thomas Collection
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Nak Colour Masque Rosewood Conditioner (265ml)

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Our NAK Rosewood Conditioner is perfect if you're looking to blend colours, mask grey hairs, or preserve how long colour stays in your hair. It also gives your hair a gloss and shimmer that makes it look absolutely gorgeous.

We recommend wearing gloves while applying the conditioner to prevent it from staining your hands. Apply to damp hair from root to end and towel-dry like normal.

With the Rosewood Conditioner:

• Use to blend colours and shades or mask grey hair

• Adds an extra layer of shine and shimmer to your hair

• Simple to apply, just like any other conditioner

• Preserves colour as long as possible between salon visits

Whether you're looking to add some extra colour to your hair or preserve your colour as long as possible, you'll love our Rosewood Conditioner. Best of all, your hair will feel incredibly soft when you're finished. So, give it a try and you'll see why so many women love this product.

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