18 in 1 Argan Oil, Keratin, Panthenol & Vitamin E Moisturising Creme 500ml - Ethan Thomas Hair Care Collection
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18 in 1 Nourishing Moisturising Creme 200ml

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The 18 in 1 Argan Oil, Keratin, Panthenol & Vitamin-E Moisturising Creme has some amazing benefits all wrapped up in 1 cream. Say goodbye to dry, weak and damaged hair. It is suitable for all hair types. With Argan Oil, Keratin, Panthenol and Vitamin E to give you all the benefits of revitalised hair, and infused with a coconut creme scent. This product has been manufactured in Australia and is not tested on animals.


  1. Repairs damaged hair
  2. Moisturises dry hair
  3. Smooths rough hair
  4. Moisturises instantly
  5. Hydrates hair
  6. Prevents split ends
  7. Restoring shine
  8. De-frizzes frizzy hair textures
  9. Helps to keep colour vibrant
  10. Rebuild tensile strength
  11. Returns elasticity
  12. Protective Layer
  13. Reduces hair breakage
  14. Acts as a shield from harmful UV rays
  15. Protects from environmental pollution
  16. Prevents dryness in colour treated hair
  17. Revitalises hair’s natural protective layer
  18. Reduce damage from chemical treatments
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