Nak Platinum Blonde Shampoo 375ml-Ethan Thomas Collection
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Nak Platinum Blonde Shampoo 375ml

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Are you tired of yellow or brassy tones in your bleached or foiled blonde hair? Maybe you're wondering if there's a way to get a more natural look? Introducing: NAK Blonde Shampoo.

This shampoo is designed to tone blonde hair to reflect less yellow and brass with a cooler, platinum silver. Plus, more grey and pre-lighted highlights.

The NAK Blonde Shampoo is a concentrated formula, even stronger than NAK Blonde Plus Shampoo. This formula is designed for all blondes including lightened white and grey hair.

Some of the feature ingredients include the following:

• Aloe Vera Extract

• Collagen Amino Acids

• Chitosan

• Sea Kelp Extract

• Sea Algae

• Sea Moss

• Badderwrack Extract

• Glycerin

• Mica

• Titanium Dioxide

These ingredients combined provide a calming, hydrating, vitamin and nutrient-rich shampoo that will give you the look you desire in a matter of days.

NAK Blonde Shampoo is not recommended for damaged hair.


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