Excessive shampooing is never advised

November 16, 2018

The jury is still out on whether using shampoo daily causes damage to your hair, leaving it dry and susceptible to the elements. While you will hear varied opinions about whether you should wash your hair with shampoo every day or once a week, it all depends on the kind of product you use to do so.

Many products have chemicals that are harmful and exposing your hair to them might cause lasting damage. Shampoos with such chemicals leave your scalp dry because of the loss of natural oils produced by the scalp and protect your follicles. This loss of oils compounds the impact they have on the hair, making it less shiny and appear frizzy which leads to hair breakage.

And because the follicles are not protected, they stay open and cause the hair to become brittle and it becomes harder to brush your hair. If that was not enough, washing your hair daily may cause split ends and flakes due to brittle hair and a dry scalp. In addition, if you have just recently coloured your hair but its already looking faded and dull, it means your hair cuticles are open and the colour is getting rinsed out rapidly.

To protect the colour of your hair, using products designed to protect your hair is the way to go. For example, Fanola shampoo uses cotton oil to not only protects your hair but also helps cleanse and hydrate your hair to reduce frizzy and hard to control hair, leaving it soft and lush like a field of wheat. It also helps to straighten your hair that much easier. If your hair is in major need of help, there is also the Fanola Oro Therapy dry shampoo that has Argan and Ceramide in its ingredients, suitable for any hair type.

This shampoo will absorb all the excess oil in your hair caused by too much washing and any product residue that might have been left behind from excessive shampooing of the hair. So, if you want to protect your hair, contact Ethan Thomas Collection and they will assist you with Fanola Shampoo and other products in Australia.