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Arctic Fox On Unbleached Hair: What Should You Expect?

Arctic Fox On Unbleached Hair: What Should You Expect?

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We’re simply head over heels for Arctic Fox semi-permanent hair colour here at Ethan Thomas Collection. Vibrant colours that don’t stain your skin, long lasting colour, nourishing hair dye that conditions your hair, and it’s 100% vegan – what’s not to love?!

You might already know about Arctic Fox, or maybe you’re just finding out about their products now. Either way, it’s important to know these semi-permanent hair colours reach peak lusciousness with lighter hair. It’s not essential to pre-lighten hair, but you should know what to expect with your shade.

About Arctic Fox hair colour

Arctic Fox hair colour is cruelty-free and has no harsh chemicals, drying alcohols or PPDs like other semi-permanent hair colours try to sneak in. In our opinion, the Southern Californian brand is among the best semi-permanent hair colour available right now.

They’re also an eco-conscious brand doing wonderful things for the environment, like donating 100% of online sales to animal welfare charities for the month of February 2020.

Should you lighten your hair before colouring?

So do you actually need to lighten your hair before using Arctic Fox semi-permanent hair colour?

Strictly speaking, the answer is no. But how well the colour applies and holds will depend on a combination of individual factors. For example, porous hair grabs hair dye better. Because lightened hair is generally more porous, you may want to pre-lighten before going for a bright or pastel shade.

If you do decide to pre-lighten your hair before using Arctic Fox hair colour, be very careful using off-the-shelf peroxides as they can cause dry and brittle hair. We stock a range of high quality lightening products to help you reach the perfect base shade without damaging your hair.

Dying pre-lightened hair vs non-pre-lightened hair

Pre-lightened hair: What to expect

  • Platinum blonde: Vivid, bold colour. This is the closest you will come to replicating the exact shade on the box. Have fun with your favourite colour (and try the Arctic Fox mist diluter for perfect pastels)

  • Light blonde: Porous hair will grab onto Arctic Fox hair dye for great results that last a long time. Go bold with neon, or transform your look with vivid colours like Porange, Wrath or Poseidon.

Unbleached hair: What to expect

  • Dark blonde to light brown: You can expect at least a tint. Avoid pastels or lighter shades, and instead go for something like Sunset Orange, Purple Rain, Aquamarine or seductive Poison

  • Medium brown to dark brown: Expect subtle tones that shimmer in sunlight when you use a darker hair colour like Ritual or Purple Rain.

  • Very dark brown to black hair: You may see hints and flashes in sunlight with Arctic Fox shades like Purple Rain or Blue Jean Baby, so if you’re going for subtlety without lightening these are ideal.

Arctic Fox have put together this helpful hair colour guide so you know what to expect.

Best shade of Arctic Fox for unbleached hair

The best semi-permanent hair colour for you is the one that brings out your inner brightness with vivid, vivacious colour. We can’t tell you what colour best reflects your personality, but we can certainly help you find it.

Browse our full range of Arctic Fox hair colour treatments to find your ideal shade and enjoy fast shipping Australia-wide.

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